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About De Angelis Law

Practising law since 1995,  Vincent J. De Angelis is committed to excellence in the service of his clients: offering the best possible proactive advice with a view to minimizing costs. He has a proven ability to effectively manage transactions; always applying the highest professional standards to every task while ensuring the client is continuously involved and apprised of all developments. He stresses staying current on the most recent developments in the law, focusing on developing and maintaining an expertise in his areas of practice.

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Business Law

Our clients range from established corporations to sole proprietorships. We place great emphasis on understanding our clients’ business objectives. The issues that face businesses today are often complex and involve considerations of not only the law, but realities of the marketplace. Whether the client is in need of financing for expansion, or reorganizing its affairs, we provide the services necessary to assist the client in achieving its objectives. We are involved in the formation of business vehicles including corporations, partnerships and not-for-profit corporations. Our services include organizing our clients’ business affairs by implementing shareholder agreements, and providing advice on corporate governance issues. We represent clients in the acquisition and sale of businesses, including lenders requiring secured financing.

We act for physicians, chiropractors and other health care professionals in incorporating their practices, and advising them on legal matters pertinent to their practices and personal affairs.

We are called upon to advise clients on matters of insolvency, including negotiating with creditors and corporate restructuring. We assist clients in applying for government loans, subsidies and grants.

Real Estate

We represent clients in commercial and residential real estate purchases, sales, and leasing. In commercial transactions, financing is often a main issue. Our clients include lenders and borrowers in finance transactions. This includes negotiating and completing financing of purchases secured by a mortgage, and enforcement of mortgages through power of sale and foreclosure proceedings.

We act for small builders in acquiring and developing lands, including severance and re-zoning applications, negotiating subdivision agreements, and securing financing for development.


Proper estate planning today is essential if our clients’ assets are to be disposed of in accordance with their wishes. We work with financial planners, accountants and legal tax specialists in structuring and implementing estate plans for our clients. This includes the preparation of wills and powers of attorney for property and personal care. Very often, it is necessary to reorganize our clients’ assets through the establishment of estate planning vehicles, such as inter-vivos trusts, and the implementation of estate freezes. We advise clients on a variety of matters related to charitable giving. Our services include representing executors in applying for probate and in administering estates.

Our clients include individuals whose estate planning needs require consideration of the availability of provincial benefits for a beneficiary with disabilities, such as the Ontario Disability Support Program. Particular emphasis is placed on structuring their estate planning affairs so as not to disqualify the beneficiary from receiving these means- tested benefits.  This may include the establishment of Henson Trusts or Disability Trusts, where appropriate.


We provide consultation services to other lawyers. Referrals from other professionals, such as lawyers, accountants and financial planners, constitute an important component of our practice. Referrals are always respected.